I started documenting my travels when we arrived in Bangkok at the start of a 7 month trip around the world in 2009/10. Writing the posts really kept me busy during the down times, like the long bus rides but more than that, I thoroughly enjoyed writing them.

Now, years after the trip, I am so glad I have documentary evidence of all of the places we visited, things we saw and experiences we had. Sometimes I read some of them back and there are still parts that I realise I’d have forgotten had I not written about them.

Marinated Crab Cramps

A few days of respite from the heat up in the mountains of Boquete are followed by a few days in Bocas del Toro where we meet some fantastic people and learn...

Big Ships And Hairy Landings

A memorable trip to see the Panama Canal is the highlight of a few days in Panama City. We then squash into a tiny piece of flying metal for a hair-raising f...

How Time Flies

After 7 months of travelling, we are on our way home. How to sum it all up? No idea, but I give it a good go.

And The Winner Is …

Our last week is spent on the Caribbean island of Caye Caulker and features booze, beauty pageants and football. Superb.

Rushing Around Guatemala

A few more painful bus journeys as we fling around Guatemala in record time so that we can cram in a visit to Semuc Champey as well as Tikal before we head f...

Anniversaries And Football

The World Cup begins - but I have barely watched any of it. It’s not all that bad though as we are still on Roatan, soaking up the sun. Then its off to Guate...

Roasting Roatan Means No Tan

A visit to the amazingly well preserved ruins at Copan, a long bus journey and the start of a few days relaxing on the beach on the island of Roatan.

Good Food And Bad Food

We take a flight over the Nasca Lines which makes me feel more than a little bit queasy. Then it’s off to Lima for a day or two which culminates in a culinar...

Biking, Trekking, Mummies And Riding

An incredible day’s cycling in the mountains and two days of trekking leads us to Machu Picchu. Then it’s off to Arequipa where we visit a convent and try ou...

Bus Lies – The Exhausting Truth

Finally, the agony of South American buses gets to me and I pour forth with anger after another crippling journey from La Paz to Cusco via the lovely Copacab...


The Bolivian food finally gets to us all as first Annika and then I get ill.

Cold Hotels, Salt And Deja Vu

A visit to the amazing salt flats at Uyuni is followed by another agonising bus journey to the highest city in the world - Potosi - where we bump into some o...

The Uyuni Calama-ty

After experiencing San Pedro de Atacama’s only day of rain for more than a year, we set out on an epic journey to Uyuni in Bolivia.

Wine, Women And Trains

More wine tasting in Cafayate - perhaps a little too much this time - and an amazing train ride up into the Andes from Salta. Our tour of Argentina finishes ...

A Week In Buenos Aires

We were treated to a variety of different experiences in Buenos Aires including drumming, tango, football and shopping.

Lakes, Penguins And Luxury

Some badly needed R&R in a superb apartment of our own in Bariloche along with visits to stunning lakes and glaciers. Followed by a day or two visiting p...

Volcan Villarica

An emotional (and sometimes physical!) roller coaster ride of a climb up a volcano near Pucon, Chile.

Wine And Near Death Experiences

After a day of wine tasting and cycling, we experience something a little more terrifying - paragliding. Then it’s off to Junin de los Andes for some off roa...

Two Santiagos

Our first few days in South America were spent in Valparaiso where we met some amazing people who survived the earthquake. We then moved on to Mendoza for so...

The Island Of Superlatives

The most visually stunning place we have ever been to. New Zealand’s South Island provides views and scenery to astound.

Lost Bags, Earthquakes And Tsunamis

Our arrival in New Zealand was slightly ruined by the fact that the airline lost our bags and an earthquake in our next destination may force us to change ou...

Hong Kong Crazy

An expensive few days in Hong Kong, featuring racing and some interesting foodstuffs.

Kayaks, Buses And Accidents

Our first attempt at kayaking is followed by a hair-raising bus journey to the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage town of Luang Prabang.

Karaoke And Groping In Laos

An insane five days in Laos, featuring some karaoke madness, some painful journeys and a stay with a Lao family.

And A Hue We Go

A stunning train journey to Hue to visit the old temples of former Kings is followed by a near-disastrous border crossing into Laos.

Shopping – I Mean Hoi An

Annika tries to hide her excitement at the prospect of handmade tailored clothes. And fails.

Dalat’s The Way To Do It

A day in the mountains, a few on the beach and some harrowing bus journeys culminate with arrival in Hoi An.

Monsters, Snakes And Conmen

An encounter with a poisonous snake was the least of our worries as we battled against the expert conmen of South Vietnam. And lost. It wasn’t our first batt...

Phnom Penh And Kep

The harrowing evidence of the rule of the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh is followed by some R&R in Kep.

Five Days In Siem Reap

At the end of a fascinating journey up river to Siem Reap, we visit the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat and meet the King Of Cambodia! Sort of.

A Day Out In Krabi

A trip around the area of Krabi on a moped, including a sweaty climb up a hill, a crawl through some caves and a visit to a temple which is home to tons of m...

Santa Claus Is Coming – Koh Tao

We are suddenly surrounded by Gringos as we spend a week on Ko Tao. My first ever Christmas away from home. Will I cope?

Vital Statistics

More inane ramblings from Annika - this time on the subject of statistics.

Train from Trang

Annika pens her first (and possibly last!) post of the trip, detailing the joys of Trang.

Koh Lipe Luxury

A few days spent on the island of Koh Lipe, Thailand. Superb.

Alone And Sunburnt

An exhausting day or two on a deserted beach in Thailand.

Goodnight Bangkok

Arriving in Bangkok after a long flight was a tiring business.