And They’re Off – Day Zero Is Here

It’s been several months in the planning but finally Day Zero is here.

The mild panic has ceased to be particularly mild and has now been upgraded to “all out” but we think we’ve got everything in the house sorted and we’ve done our best to see all of our friends for one last time before we leave so now it’s time to go.

This time tomorrow, we will be in Bangkok with nothing but the vast, tightly packed lump of rucksack which we have just struggle to zip up for the next 7 months.
Just in case anyone was wondering, I have an average of 1 pair of pants for each month we’re going to be away – I think that’s more than enough, don’t you?

As Annika has just pointed out to me, I have chosen to spend my last moments in our house on the computer, writing blog posts and designing the website – such is the life of a self-confessed geek – I shall miss you, gooner (this is the name of my Mac, by the way and yes, I am talking to my computer).

We will try and write as much as we can about our travels and, if Andrew’s Picasa FTP Solution works, then we will try and put some photos in too so, if you’d like to know what we’re up to, check back here regularly for updates. I might twitter from time to time, depending on how much I’m missing such apparently pointless wastes of my daily time. You can follow me if you are a convert to such technologies at

If you are looking for my old Arsenal blog which used to be here then, quite apart from being in a very small minority, and being very strange for caring what I think about Arsenal, you can find it all at I doubt very much whether I’ll be putting anything on there whilst I’m away but I suppose my other obsession (Annika is the main one, clearly) might get the better of me when I find out that we’ve been relegated or something so you never know!

Don’t forget to keep up to date with The Real FA Cup – the competition may have reached the crushingly dull latter stages but I’m sure Damon will keep things up to date and there will always be some interesting articles and interviews on there to keep you amused.

So with that, I will bash gooner’s keyboard for the last time until July and pack it up in its, errrr, hutch (?) for the winter and say goodbye. Thanks to everyone that came out in the rain in the last few weeks to see us and drink with us, have a good Christmas everyone and we’ll see you in July, just in time to witness England’s march to the World Cup final just after we get back.