Goodnight Bangkok

Why am I still awake? I have had no more than an hours sleep since yesterday morning, 34 hours ago and yet I sit here typing this rubbish into my iPod, hoping that someone will care. OK, so the two of us may have had a few beers in Bangkok this evening but really, it’s time to stop now, surely.

My first impression of the Thai capital is that a reduction in the population of around 90% wouldn’t go amiss. There are far too many people here. Our bus took more than two and a half hours to travel the 20km from the airport to our hotel, which was nice.

We are staying just on the outskirts of town and took the Sky Train a couple of stops to find somewhere to eat. Now we are tired and a little drunk so it’s time to sleep. As you may have guessed, our hotel has free wi-fi but, having forgotten to bring the correct cable with me to charge my iPod, this may be my last post for a while. We shall see what the shops have to offer tomorrow morning before we hit the tourist trail.