What’s All This Then?

This is the home of all things me. Me being Simon Barnett.

But Why Acres Of Space?

When I initially felt the need to start writing down my angry ramblings about Arsenal Football Club, I had recently started commentating for the blind and partially sighted supporters at Highbury. Whenever a player found himself in an area of the pitch with relatively few opposition players around him, I would use the same collection of words and eventually, it stuck and became my catch phrase.

Acres of Space.

Eventually, I decided it would make a decent name for a website and so the site was born.

What Next?

I signed up for Twitter with that name and began to write for my other website – The Real FA Cup. Then I went travelling in late 2009 and wrote a regular blog about that, which I really enjoyed. So eventually, I decided I had to put it all together in one place and use it as a place to keep all my nonsense together as well as using it as a platform for selling my fledgling talents. What you see today is the latest incarnation of it.