Vital Statistics

Inspired by Simon’s love of all things mathematical I thought I could share with you our vital statistics to date. In this way you too can live the dream that is travelling with a geek.

Number of days spent on this hellish trip – 16. Simon tells me we have a total of 189 days left or 28 weeks. Am considering providing a handy pie chart so you can keep up with how much is left to go! That’s one country almost done and only 11 to go!

Number of books read- Annika 5, Simon 2 ( although he started reading the first one 3 months ago)

Number of forms of transport – 8 including plane, trains but oddly not auto-mobiles, we have however done various types of boats and tuk tuk related modes of transport.

Number of days Simon hasn’t had some ailment of some description – 1. Nothing major you understand but includes hurty foot, neck and of course suffering from too much curry!

Current overspend on budget – well it is Christmas and we’re using a bit of the contingency we had stashed! (well I used to be a risk manager before I got in touch with my traveller self… innit)

Number of Thai words we think we know: 10 at this rate we are quietly confident to be pretty fluent by the time we leave in 2 weeks. Of course we’re not entirely sure they understand us but we’ve definitely got ‘2 singhas please’ and then ‘thank you’ pretty much sorted. What more do you really need???

I had managed to not buy any tat but then we arrived in Ko Tao and have bought a few items of turquoise clothing to supplement my already mainly turquoise wardrobe. It’s my homage to David Icke. It being Christmas tomorrow I feel sure that Simon will want to further add to my already overweight bag with a few more carefully chosen blue items of clothing – well at least everything matches that way even if the overall effect is that of a crazed woman! Am considering getting my hair braided or maybe even a henna tattoo of some Chinese writing or some spiritual shit.

Number of mosquito bites – well I counted 12 on my right arm a few days ago so not going as well as I would have liked I guess. Simon seems less affected by the little buggers and attributes this to having more body hair. Am considering giving up shaving my legs to see if this works for me too!

Right, that’s about it I guess and I need to get on with War And Peace – am on page 18 which, if I keep up this pace, should mean I have it finished by the time we get to New Zealand and I need the space for more turquoise clothes…. innit!