IBM South Bank Gym

A Django-based website which is used to help organise the membership and payments of an on-site gym at the IBM site in South Bank.



In October 2012, I took on the role of manager for IBM’s on-site gym at South Bank.

One of the main tasks of this position was to look after the regular payments of the members and ensure that no-one was allowed access to the room unless they had paid their gym fees. This task had always been performed manually using spreadsheets and, as a result, had never been kept up to date. Income to the club that ran the gym was being lost and security issues regarding room access were common.


When I took over control of this task, it immediately struck me that a website would make the job a lot easier – not just for me, but for anyone who took over the job in the future.

I wrote a very simple Django site to manage payments and the access list and have used it ever since. The membership income from the gym has grown steadily and no security problems have been identified.