Time to admit it, Arsene – Diaby and Adebayor are just not good enough

Abou Diaby and Emmanual Adebayor have been around long enough for any decent Arsenal fan to have made their mind up about them by now – and this particular fan has decided he has seen enough.

In the FA Cup semi-final, Diaby in particular was worse than dreadful. He conceded possession too often, he couldn’t pass the ball, he wasn’t strong enough, he didn’t cover the back four, his shooting was rubbish and his positional sense was non-existent. Adebayor was less bad that day and has, to his credit, scored some good, important goals recently but his overall contribution to the team is pretty pathetic and he needs to buck his ideas up if he really expects to win trophies playing like he does.

Both of these players played virtually the full 90 minutes of both our semi-final appearances so far this season and its no coincidence that these have been two of our most inept performances as a team. Yes, we were playing two decent sides in Chelsea and Manchester United but we weren’t in either game at any point. We were probably lucky to only get beaten late on by Chelsea at Wembley and were extremely lucky to leave Old Trafford tonight and still be able to claim that we’re not out of the Champions League.

Neither of these players contributed anything of note tonight and its not as if there aren’t more capable players waiting in the wings. Bendtner, whilst he has his faults, has turned things around lately and is stronger, more determined and more committed than Adebayor – and both Denilson and Eboue give more to the side than the pointless Diaby.

If I wasn’t 100% convinced that mad old Arsene is of the opinion that they’re both world class players just waiting to happen, I’d be looking forward to finding out who the new number’s 2 and 25 were going to be at Arsenal next season. Please, Arsene, let’s get rid of them.