Phil Brown in sanity loss shock

I must admit, I was quite impressed with Hull City. The way they played when they beat us in the league and again last night in the cup, was excellent in my opinion. Yes, they got stuck in and defended in numbers but they also carried a threat and pass the ball well.

We were dreadful in the first half last night and deserved to be at least a goal down with only Kieran Gibbs looking even vaguely capable but we totally outplayed them in the second half and I think we deserved to win the game in the end.

However, having heard the wild, inane ramblings of Phil Brown I think I’ll have to re-assess my opinion of Hull and wonder what the hell was in the man’s tea!

OK, so lets admit it – our winning goal was dubiously offside – but it was arguable and lots of goals are given every season that are arguably offside. Sometimes you win them, sometimes you lose. But other than that, what on earth has Brown got to complain about?!

Myhill was extremely lucky he wasn’t booked for time-wasting earlier in the game – he started wasting time as soon as they went 1-0 in front after 13 minutes! Brown said

In the second half, the game turned on a decision … our goalkeeper was booked for time wasting. Hence the change of course of the game. All of a sudden, Boaz Myhill is now having to rush everything.

Is the manager of Hull really trying to tell us that their tactics for the second half depended entirely on their goalkeeper having enough time to take accurate goal kicks?!

He then said, with regard to Cesc Fabregas, who came on to celebrate with his team-mates at the end

One, being on the pitch after the game – whether there is a ruling against that I have no idea but he had no right to be there. Two, dressed in the manner in which he was dressed.

Well if the comment about the booking was slightly odd, this is just plain mental. So he’s annoyed with Fabregas, not just because he came onto the pitch after the final whistle when he didn’t play in the match, but because he was dressed in a jacket and jeans?!! Seriously?!! He then went onto say

I could go on but I’m not one for crying over spilt milk

Right, well that’s that sorted then. And there was me thinking that he was a bit of a sore loser.