Arsenal FC – A Beacon Of Light In A Dark Financial Tunnel

I would just like to say how proud I am of Arsenal Football Club and the way it is run following the recent transfer window spending madness.

Despite the fact that funds are available for players (the accounts prove this) they refuse to pay inflated transfer fees which do not represent value and will not pay players ridiculous salaries just to keep them at the club which, when added to transfer fees can increase the fee over the contract period by at least half as much again or even more.

I know there will be people who will say this is just sour grapes as we haven’t won a trophy for a few years but frankly I think it is more important to have a club still in existence than bankrupted by a rich owner when they are finished playing with their latest toy.

It seems to me that with only four trophies to be won each year there are going to be quite a few dissatisfied owners and there are likely to be more Leeds United situations arising in the future. This especially applies to clubs who think that a new stadium in Stratford will make them a world footballing power!

I hope against hope that Arsenal will continue to run their club with shared control whatever the cost in trophies but sadly I would not be surprised if they eventually follow the rich owner “route to success”.