Another set of totally random fixtures – honest

So the fixtures for next season have been announced.

As the BBC reports, the process of compiling the fixtures each year is very complicated and ultimately, their order is generated randomly once the constraints (like us and Tottenham not playing at home on the same day) have been input. But are they really random?

Every single season since I can remember (since the introduction of the Premiership, and Sky) the teams that are likely to be involved in the race for the title have been “randomly” selected to play each other around the end of March or April. During the years that us and United battled it out, it was us two and the last few years it has been United and Chelsea.

This year, Sky aren’t sure who to plump for it seems, so they’ve gone for United, Liverpool AND Chelsea. The random fixture computer has brought us:-

Man Utd v Liverpool 20th March
Man Utd v Chelsea 3rd April
Liverpool v Chelsea 1st May

So the entire league season appears to have been distilled down to a 6 week period.

I would prepared to accept that this could be a coincidence if it didn’t happen EVERY SINGLE SEASON!

Super Smashing Title Race Decider Crunch Sunday anyone?