Running out of patience

There is so much wrong at Arsenal Football Club at the moment, there seems little point in raking over the same ground again and again.

I simply haven’t got the patience or the energy to keep writing the same post about how we haven’t got a captain, a midfield, a winger, more than one striker, we can’t defend in the air and we carry too many passengers in the squad.

Tonight we managed a single, solitary shot on target in an entire 94 minutes of football at Goodison Park – thank heavens for Robin Van Persie who has won us countless points in the last few weeks all on his own. Tonight he grabbed the last minute equaliser which got us out of trouble at Everton but in recent weeks he has created many of our other goals and without his energy, drive and enthusiasm we could well be below both Everton and Wigan, as well as Villa and The Other Three!

The obvious problem is that, come the end of the season, if we haven’t somehow found a way to claw back the 5 point lead Villa have over us then people like him and Mister Fabregas will be on their way out and we will be left with the useless lumps that claim to be professional footballers – Eboue and Bendtner.

I’ve been praying for Arsene to sort it out for months now but nothing has changed – sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but we always look like capable of losing and very rarely look in control of a game.

Who at the club is going to grab the bull by the horns and shake some things up? I fear that the manager has too much power and too much respect from everyone else at the club and everyone is too afraid to try and do anything about it, preferring to leave it M. Wenger.

“Arsene knows” so they say. If he does, I wouldn’t mind him letting someone else know too.