Can we still win the title?

All the talk leading up to the United game last week was of how everyone at Arsenal still thought we could win the title, despite losses to Fulham, Hull and Stoke – and who could have disagreed after last week’s superb performance to beat the current champions?

Well, barely 7 days later and no-one who saw the game today would be crazy enough to suggest that we are even vaguely near being title contenders. On this showing, we’ll be extremely lucky to grab 4th place and qualify for the Champions League.

Today’s loss at home to Villa was quite possibly the worst showing by an Arsenal team in the new stadium. Barely a shot on goal was registered before the opposition eventually took the lead in the 70th minute and precious little was created throughout the whole game. Villa deserved their win and played well but it would not have taken much to beat us today.

Considering the huge effort that was put in last week and the desire to win that was shown on that occasion, the team looked disinterested and lethargic today. Teams that have this level of consistency do not win titles, and no matter what some of the players and the manager tell the media week in week out, none of them can honestly believe that they have a hope in hell this year, surely?

If they do, they sure hid it well today.